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Behemoth Brain Smiles! Hazy Pale Ale Cans 6x330ml

Mosaic and Citra Hopped. Lower in alcohol than our usual Hazy IPAs and stupidly easy to drink. Like pouring smiles on your brain.

Behemoth Chur! NZ Pale Ale Cans 6x330ml

Behemoth's signi-chur beer. This is NZ hops in a bottle or glass. A tropical hop fruit salad if you will. A refreshing bitterness that makes you want to come back for another sip or gulp. This beer is all about having a great flavour packed bigger tasting beer and enjoying the churness of good friends and family. Chur!

Behemoth Get Busy Hopping West Coast IPA Can 440ml

Let me tell you something my friend, hops are a dangerous thing, hops can drive a person insane, got no use on the inside, better get used to that. It comes down to a simple choice. Get busy hopping or get busy... Well not hopping. That's goddamn right! Remember hops are a good thing, maybe the best of things, and good things never die. In honour of what may be the best movie ever made Behemoth make this West Coast IPA using their favourite NZ, Aussie and US hops. Malty, but dry and bitter, everything you could want in a West Coast IPA. I hope these hops were as green as they have been in my dreams. I hope...

Behemoth Hopnik Hazy IPA with Hop Oil Can 440ml

What's Hopnik you say? Well, you know that Behemoth know that you love hoppy beers and it's a bit of a hop pulverizer, so more hops make it into your beer and less is wasted. Yeah, now that sounds like a good thing right? So they got one for their hop dosing, giving more flavour and aroma in your Hazy. Behemoth also wanted to do something a little special with this one, so on top of the mixture of juicy Australian & American hops, it's also been infused with hop oils giving you deeper flavours and mixing up the profile a bit. They're hopping you love it as much as they do...

Behemoth Juice Willis Hazy IPA Can 440ml

How can the same kinda theme happen to the same guy twice? Welcome to the party, pal! I know, I know why didn't you bring this out at Christmas? Die Hard is most definitely a Christmas movie. So Behemoth have made this Hazy IPA Juicy, Bruce-y Willis-y Hazy IPA. They've used Mosaic, Simcoe, Zythos and Moutere hops, hoppy enough to bring down Nakatomi Plaza (no sh*t, does it sound like I'm trying to order a pizza?!) and have you screaming Yippie-kay-yay mother hopper!

Behemoth Keep It Hazy Hazy Mixed Pack Cans 6x330ml

Everyone's favourite Behemoth Hazies are now available in a mixed 6-pack fresh from the brewery! 2x Brain Smiles; 2x Something Hazy; 2x Adulting

Behemoth Rhymenocerous NZIPA Can 440ml

I'm the mother flippin' rhymenocerous My hops are stacked And hop oil on my back And I'm fruity, I'm fruity If you choose to proceed You will indeed concede 'Cause I hit you with my NZIPA flavours The passionfruit stampede I'm not just sweeter, I'm approachable, domesticated I was raised by a hop and rhino that dated And subsequently procreated That's how it goes Other brewers diss me Say my palette's sissy Why? Why? Why? What? Why exactly? What? Why? Be more constructive with your feedback, please Why? Why? Why? 'Cause I'm less beastly? Smoother, so you can consume at your high tea Hey, ho I'm the motherflippin I'm the motherflippin'

Behemoth Smashable Low Carb Pale Ale Cans 6x330ml

Sometimes when you're getting things done in New Zealand's humidity you just want something cold & refreshing that's smashable without getting you smashed. Here in your hand is a beautiful Low Carb Pale Ale. Wait, yes you read that correctly, Low Carb, in fact it's more than 40% less carbs than our Chur! Pale Ale. So you don't have to feel guilty about drinking more than 1, we think that's pretty chur. We have brewed this beer to be big on drinkability but also massive on aroma and flavour. Perfect to crack open after doing some chores or even the first beer after a long day at work. We have brewed this beer with Pale and Vienna malts to finish super dry then hopped it with a load of our favourite American and NZ hops. So, what're you still doing reading this? Hurry and crack this open and smash it (responsibly obviously). You're welcome!

Behemoth Snoop H.O. Double P Hazy IPA Can 440ml

One, two, three and to the four / Snoop Hoppy Hopp and Churly have a hazy to pour / Ready to make an entrance so grab a cup / 'Cause you know we're 'bout to haze it up / Give me the carbonation first, so you can see that bubble / Chinook and hop oil together, now you know you in trouble / Ain't nothin' but a 'Hop' thang, hazy / Two loced out brewers goin' crazy / Double P on the label yeah that's me / Drinkable so please go ahead and enjoy this (Hell yeah) / But, um, back to the venture at hand / Perfection is perfected, so drink this to understand / From mix'n some Citra perspective / And before me sales-pitch, Imma add someting' supereffective / Loral, we could be addin' to the can and changin' the plan / And at the same time evolvin' yeah man / Now, you know I'm about that s**t, brilliant / Ain't no hop good enough to avoid building up on it (Yeah) / And that's realer than Real-Deal Holyfield / And now you brewers and pro's know how I feel / Well, if it's good enough to get buzzed off, not too drunk / I'll take a few cans of some of that funky stuff

Behemoth Something Hazy IPA Cans 6x330ml

Well you wanted a Hazy IPA, that is what you have here in your hot little hand. Behemoth has combined some of their all time favourite hops: Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado and Galaxy to bring you a medley of soft juicy flavours and aromas. They put the good things in so you can wear the something hazy grin.

Boundary Rd Brewery Chocka Hopa Southern Pale Ale Cans 6x330ml

BRB's Chocka Hopa is crammed full of the tastiest bits of the South Island, they've used only New Zealand hops and a selection of Malts all sourced from 'The Mainland' to brew this hop-forward Pale Ale with citrus aromas.

Boundary Rd Brewery Polar Beer Extra Pale Ale Cans 6x330ml

Boundary Road Brewery. For those that have tried beer and like it.
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