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Nola's Green Ginger 750ml

A brand new recipe and product to the Nola family's collection. Over 18 months of tasting and production to handcraft, blend and create a unique tasting Green Ginger Wine, that is smooth yet full of zest and complexity and famous for its warming characteristics. Rich Golden brown in colour, with great taste of ginger depth, whilst encompassing tempting hints of spice. Nicely balanced sweetness with subtle lemon zest. The perfect elixir to drink year round. Drink with ice ('on the rocks'), or without ice (either 'neat' or 'straight up') to warm yourself up on those cold winter nights. Frequently combined with whisky to make a warming 'Whiskey Mac'. Or blend 30ml of Nola's Green Ginger Wine into a beer of your choice to create a refreshing ginger beer during the cooler months.