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Brothers Beer Mixed Hoppy Cans 6x330ml

A selection of Brothers' hoppiest beers all packed into one handy box. Featuring Brothers XPA, Pale Ale, IPA, Hazesteria Hazy Pale Ale, Green Haze Hazy Pale Ale & Mantecore Hazy IPA.

Brothers Beer Notorious West Coast IPA Cans 6x330ml

Everything about Brother's Beer Notorious IPA is BIG: think bold fresh flavours, higher ABV and heavy-handed hopping. Their recipe is a classic West Coast IPA, starting with a mash-tun full of pilsner and Vienna malts. Then they dose with a dope blend of NZ and US hops: Cascade, Centennial and Waimea unleashing BIG flavours of lush fruit, citrus, and sticky pine. And if you don't know, now you know...

Brothers Beer Park Life Hazy IPA Cans 6x330ml

Park Life is specifically engineered to be consumed after taking some exercise at your local park. Examples of this include kicking a ball around, having a lark on a skateboard or just walking to your picnic spot from the car. A trio of the ultimate thirst quenching hops - Nelson Sauvin, Southern Cross and Taiheke - ensures maximum rehydration after your exertion, however mild.

Brothers Beer Peacenik Pilsner Cans 6x330ml

Make love, not war. Drink beer, not wine. Brothers Beer start with a traditional Czech recipe using Pilsner malt and a touch of wheat. To this they add New Zealand hops Pacifica and Motueka to create a new-world take on an old-world classic. Clean, crisp and full of bite, their Pilsner is the ultimate thirst quencher, and pairs perfectly with foods that are rich, sweet or spicy. Lay down your guns and surrender to the taste of Peacenik Pilsner.

Brothers Beer Saison D'être Belgian Saison Can 440ml

Nothing hits quite like a Saison during the sweltering summer days. Just for you, Brothers Beer have brewed this beautiful, crisp, golden Belgian Saison. By adding Wheat, Oats, and raw Spelt to a light malt base, this thirst-quenching stunner showcases the peppery spice that Saison yeast is famous for. Coupled with the perfect amount of Pacific Jade hops for a local twist, you've got the answer to existential malaise.

Brothers Beer The Italian Brothers Hazy IPA Can 440ml

Brewed by Brothers Beer's Italian 'brothers' Alessio aka Jake, and Lorenzo aka Elwood, this Hazy IPA exhibits zesty citrus and stonefruit flavours from NZ hops Riwaka, Motueka and Southern Cross. The perfect accompaniment to toasted white bread, or four whole fried chickens, this brew is best enjoyed whilst listening to both types of music, country AND western!

Brothers Beer Up & Away USIPA Can 440ml

Welcome aboard Pink Boots flight number BB023. Your hop addition is the latest Pink Boots hop blend featuring Loral, Azacca, El Dorado and Idaho Gem. In-flight entertainment is brought to you by the 6.1% ABV, with notes of intense marmalade and zesty orange that are bound to have you calling your flight attendant for more. So sit back and enjoy the chewy, soft bitterness and light floral grassy aromas before we reach our final destination. Brothers Beer is proud that this beer was developed and brewed by the female members of their team as part of International Women's day. Cheers to all the women-identifying members of the craft beer industry!

Brothers Beer Wax On Wax Off Hazy IPA Can 440ml

A hazy IPA more meticulously crafted than a Bonsai. Mango - Nectarine - Mandarin. An oaty, wheaty, malty base so broad you could hold a karate tournament on it. With a big, juicy crane kick to the face of tropical and stone fruits, this well rounded, liberally hopped fruit bomb would even make your local ruthless school bully stop and think twice. 'Wax On, Wax Off.'

Brothers Beer Welcome to Cryoville Cryo Hop Hazy IPA Can 440ml

In Cryoville the echo of 'Honey I'm Home!' rings out across town at just after five each night, followed by the crack of a can being opened, and a sigh of delight upon the first sip. This juice-bomb hazy IPA features the cryo versions of two of our favourite American hops: Citra and Mosiac. The result is a full flavoured hazy IPA with notes of citrus, stonefruit and melon. Welcome to Cryoville. A utopia of all things hoppy and hazy.

Brothers Beer x Blue Frog Granola Stout Can 440ml

Brothers Beer brew team put together a recipe featuring 10 different roasted, toasted and chocolate malts to create a rich and full-bodied stout. Then the crew from Blue Frog came to the brewery bringing a serious quantity of their delicious Triple Nut and Cinnamon Crunch Granola which was added to the brew. The result is an exceptional stout with complex flavours of cinnamon, vanilla, nut, currant and coconut. They hope you enjoy it!

Byron Bay Brewery Sparkling Cocktail Lemon Gin Spritz 4.6% Cans 10x330ml

The Byron Bay Gin Spritz is a sour/tangy fusion of zesty lemon flavours balanced with the botanical notes of gin and made even more crisp by the addition of sparkling soda. Perfectly balanced both low sugar and low calories. (Less than 40g Calories per 100ml & 2.9g of sugar per 100mls)

Captains Hazy IPA Cans 6x330ml

A cloudy mystery, as adventurous as a Kiwi summer.
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